my PC isn’t Windows 11 compatible …. If the unfortunate conclusion is that your PC is incompatible with Windows 11, you should know that Windows 10 will be maintained and supported until October 2025, 14 .

my PC is not Windows 11 compatible


Don’t change your PC now, as the upgrades from Windows 10 to 11 don’t justify the expense.

Wait for the end of Windows 10 support, and take a decision at this time.

If the end of support is announced and you don’t want to force the installation of Windows 11 yourself, contact us for a free Windows 11 diagnostic or choose our package directly.

If you’d like to update your Windows 11-incompatible PC yourself, we’d love to hear from you!

Forcing installation of Windows 11 on an incompatible PC

My PC isn’t Windows 11 compatible, but I’m installing anyway!

In fact, there are many methods to bypass Windows 11 hardware requirements, all based on modifying the installer so that it ignores these checks, as well as modifying the registry so that these Windows 11 hardware requirements are always ignored.

You can look at   Win 11 Boot And Upgrade Fix Kit or  MediaCreationTool.bat but we think it’s better to give you 3 methods which do not require any third-party utility, entirely based on MicroSoft sources.

The first method, using MIcroSoft’s Update Wizard, is the most straightforward if you have a working PC running Windows 10.

The second method, using a USB key, provides you with a Windows 11 installation medium, which is always useful now and in the future, to install on different computers.

The third method is only to be used for a new installation from scratch, i.e. deleting disk partitions and installing a new Windows on an empty disk.

Forcing installation of Windows 11 on an incompatible BootCamp mac

If your Mac uses an « M » chip, it’s not possible to run Windows natively.

You’ll need to use a virtual machine, see this page.

If your Mac uses an Intel chip, you have only 1 method.