WARNING: you must be an experienced user to follow the usb windows 11 pc incompatible method explained here. If this is not your case, we can do it for you, see our package.

If you’d like to try your luck, here’s a method that worked on most of the PCs we tested that were declared incompatible but upgraded to Windows 11 anyway. Think you’ve got what it takes? Then it’s up to you.

usb windows 11 incompatible pc

If this method of forcing an upgrade to windows 11 using USB installation media doesn’t work for your computer, don’t give up and please choose another method on this page.


You must have an USB key of 8GB or more.

It will be deleted, so it must be empty, otherwise recover any data before continuing.


Follow this procedure to create Windows 11 installation media on this USB key.


On your hard disk, create the directory C:\ESD\WIN11 and copy there the entire content of the Windows 11 installation key you’ve just created before.


Follow this procedure to create Windows 10 installation media on the same USB key (this completely deletes the Windows 11 installer, that’s what we want).


copy the file C:\ESD\WIN11\sources\install.esd to [USB key]\Sources\install.esd, overwriting the existing file.

You now have an incompatible windows 11 pc usb key that installs Windows 11 but with the Windows 10 installer, so without doing the checks specific to Windows 11.


Simply run setup.exe from the key and follow the instructions.

Important: windows 11 will be installed, and able to update via Windows update, but the media creation tool for reinstalling in place will not be usable. If you ever need to use it, simply follow these steps force the upgrade to windows 11 with the windows 11 media creation tool